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The world has fallen head over heels for a magical cup of green tea, but does it actually lives up to our expectations? Actually yes! The dispute has long raged over whether the drink has a brunt on people's waistlines.
According to a team of scientists at Anglia Ruskin University revealed when combined with exercise, green tea does help shed fat.
But you need to drink up 2.5 cups a day for better weight loss
In studies, it was concluded that though weight loss benefits are based on different dynamics, but a person has to sip at least 2.5 cups a day for better results.
How green tea actually helped me?
Juggling between office and home, I was not getting enough time to take care of myself. And due to a sitting job I gained weight on the top of that I was unable to hit the gym or take on a weight loss program? Well, that’s the story of most women today. For me, the most shocking situation was when I could not fit into my old clothes any longer. Even my selfies were sucking to the core.
Frazzled and anxious, I started looking for an alternate weight-loss way out. It’s kind of humorous that the solution was sitting right in my kitchen cupboard but I just never noticed it. It was the long-standing (drum roll) green tea.
Green tea not only helped me lose kgs but also gave me shiny skin. Today, I feel great about how I look and feel!
The result was-Happy Me!
But green tea also did wonders for my skin!
Green tea can is great in keeping wrinkles at bay and slow the signs of aging, This is because it is fairly rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is great for working on for sun damage and give you clear shiny skin!
It lowered my stress level and keeps me calm
The thiamine present in green tea has proved to show results, which actually calms you down. If you consume cups of coffee on daily basis, try to substitute it with green tea and you will be amazed to see the difference.
Green tea gave me healthy teeth and fresh breath
Everyone desires shiny healthy teeth, and green tea assures you get one. The catechins present in green tea kills harmful bacteria and lowers your risk of infections. Green tea consumption is related to better dental health and a lower danger of caries, which helps reduce bad breath.
And that's why it is called a magic drink!
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