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I think my puzzle friends will find this fairly easy and simple Murder Crime Detective Mystery Puzzle. Do comment if you have figured this out. I have separated answer from this page to avoid spoiler and link the the answer page is given at the end of the puzzle. Do scroll at the end of the linked answer page to read the answer of this puzzle.
Here is Murder Mystery Puzzle from famous Indian detective Byomkesh Bakshi. Mr. Byomkesh Bakshi was having an early walk. He had crossed a bridge when he saw crowd of people taking loudly. Rushing towards them, he found that they were standing around a dead woman. Bakshi was a famous detective. He started his investigation. This dead woman seemed to have come for an early walk, too. Seeing her handbag which was lying nearby, Bakshi ruffled through it and found what he was looking for - her identity card. Her name was Durga, and her house was about a ten minute drive away. Durga's number was also written on her card. Bakshi phoned the given number.
"Is this Durga's residence?"
"Yes. And I am her husband. What do you want?"
"Sir, your wife is dead."
"What! No way!"
"Sir, come here quickly."
About ten minutes later, a car came. Durga's husband got down, and on seeing the woman, rushed to her and started crying. Bakshi was about to console him when something came in his mind. He quickly had the husband arrested for murder of his wife. Can you tell WHY..?????
You need to use your logical reasoning and analytical skills to solve these kind of mystery puzzles. Do checkout below mentioned similar Mystery Puzzles which will challenge your brain.
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