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There are so many puzzles for which if someone reads the statement, it will not make any sense. However if one thinks deeply, logically and out of box then it will start making sense. So out of box thinking along with logical reasoning is required to solve such puzzles. These types of puzzles are called lateral thinking puzzles. Edward de Bono coined this term lateral thinking. Lateral thinking is method of thinking with changing perception and concepts. It is reasoning that is not obvious immediately and may not obtainable by only traditional logic. Out of box thinking is required to solve such lateral thinking puzzles. Now a days these kinds of puzzles are asked in interviews to test candidates out of box thinking abilities.Lets us check your lateral thinking capabilities with the following lateral thinking puzzles. Answers link to these Lateral Thinking Puzzles is given at the end. Try you best to think of the solution of these Lateral thinking puzzles and use answers link only to verify your solutions.These lateral thinking puzzle are part of Fun Brain Teasers and Riddles.
1. Can you solve this lateral thinking brain teaser?
2. Can you solve this out of box thinking puzzle?
3. Can you solve this lateral thinking puzzle?
4. Can you think out of box and solve this puzzle?
5. Can you explain this by thinking out of box?
6. Can you think laterally and solve this murder mystery?
7. Can you solve this lateral thinking juice puzzle?
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