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Have you ever had the feeling that your child is getting way smarter than you when riddles or homework from his or her school left you stumped and speechless? We have.Try to solve these 8 simple puzzles that elementary school children seem to be able to solve in an instant.
The four-digit numbers
Preschoolers can crack this one in five to 10 minutes; educated programmers in an hour!
A box of chocolates
This one is from an American 12-year-old student’s math worksheet.
There are 50 chocolate candies in the box. 30 of them come with caramel filling, 25 with coconut, 10 of them are two-flavored candies with caramel and coconut, and the rest of them are just chocolate candies with no filling.
Question: Which diagram reflects the box of chocolates correctly?
Let us know the answers in the comments section.
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