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Bollywood always inhale the limelight from all the directions. Not only the actors but also the actors families are portrayed as celebs by media. But in this open world there are certain people who don’t like the limelight at all. Today we are going to discuss some of the Unseen wife’s of Bollywood actors. They always hide from media and never want anyone to show their personal life.
Let the list began:
Bhavna Panday W/O Chinkey Pandey
They both got married in 1998. Before the marriage Bhavna Pandey was a flight attended and after the marriage she shows a keen interest in jewelry designing and now she owns a wide range of jewelry shops.
Neha Bajpayee W/O Manoj Bajpayee
The famous Sardar khan of Wasseypur, knotted tie in 2006 with a girl name “Neha”. Manoj bajpayee wife was a actress in bollywood previously but after marriage she stopped working in bollywood. Movies like FIZA, KAREEB, HOGI PYAR KI JEET are well known movies of Neha Bajpayee.
Priya Runchal W/O John Abraham
A smart, beautiful and sexy Priya Runchal is an investment banker and financial consultant by profession. John and Priya got married in 2014 and both are running some joint ventures.
Adhuna Akhtar W/O Farhan Akhtar
Farhan’s wife is a hair stylist and she has completed her education in Washington. Her first hair styling salon in Mumbai was named Juice. Later she named it ‘Be blunt’ and also hosts a show in Discovery TLC in the same name. She was Hrithik and Priety’s hair stylist for the movie Lakshya.
Tanya Deol W/O Bobby Deol
She belongs to a big business family in India, ‘Ahujas’. She started with furniture and home decor store ‘The Good Earth’. Many celebs from Bollywood love her collection and are her clients.
Hope you have gained some knowledge regarding our very own bollywood celebrities. Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for more entertainment updates.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Designer – Vikas Kakkar
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