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Each time when new Iphone hits the market, a lot of reactions come out from the audience. This time apple has launched three new phones and out of those there is a model that has set the floor on fire because of its features and PRICE specially. After knowing the Indian price of Iphone X we thought, why not to create some hilarious yet true meme’s on our beloved iphone in respect to our very own Bollywood.
So here we present some spicy & exclusive meme on IPHONE X:
#1 Reaction on price.
Above, they all are not high but the price is going to be very high.
#2 New Camera Features Of Iphone X
Believe me, there is no such new feature in camera. All they have done is, changed the name of the settings.
#3 Lesser Known Feature
Best feature of Iphone X is you can make and receive calls :D
#4 Father's Reaction
In this GST, Cess, and many other weird taxes never ask this question from your father, please.
#5 Before & After Effects
If you are planning to buy the iphone X then beware of all the conditions! Now Kidney is not enough for new one.
#6 True reaction on price of Iphone X
Hahaha, Yes they are making us a bloody fool (flower) for sure.
#7 Curves VS Curves
Are you sure about this point, Arbaaz? Please reconsider your thoughts :D
#8 Who's the Daddy?
Bye – Bye Samsung and welcome New Iphone X.
Hope you are amazed after hearing the expected price of Iphone X. If not then I am telling you this piece of glass and chips cost you around 90,000 which is equivalent to the price of both of yours kidney. So be prepared to live on without KIDNEY, if you really want to buy this IPHONE X.Stay tuned to Lopscoop for more funny updates.
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Author & Image Text – Adnan Alam
Image Credits– Vikas Kakkar.
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