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From the very childhood we learn many habits that make us healthy in many ways but in reality there are certain healthy things that coincidentally make us unhealthy. So let’s just bring out some of the daily habits that make us unfit:-
#1 Usage of Hand Sanitizer
New technologies give new inventions; one of the examples of latest invention is SENITIZER. But coincidentally, hand sanitizer results in wrinkles on the hands because it dries out the whole portion of the skin. Moreover, sanitizer also contains chemicals (apart from alcohol) which are very harmful in many ways.
#2 Taking over Antibiotics
If one person takes the antibiotic in higher amount then definitely the immunity becomes weak. Apart from that, pregnancy level in women becomes less if they take antibiotic in higher quantity.
#3 Drinking Mineral water
Back in time, no one can imagine that Mineral water industry will rise in generating money. Not only money if one drinks too much of mineral water then many fluids in body become imbalance because pure mineral water contain fluoride that effect the fluid equation in human body.
#4 More consumption of Painkillers
Painkiller industry is considered as the best revenue generating industry in medical field. But even doctor not suggest painkiller for daily use. Furthermore, prolonged use of narcotics, such as codeine, can change the brain chemistry of users. In some cases, these changes may be irreversible and possibly cause the onset of dementia.
#5 Going To the Doctor for check up of Common Cold
It’s not only about the medicine or disease but also the human mind. In many cases our mind shaped according to many situations and work according to that condition. So going to doctor also gives us a physiological effect.
#6 Swimming
As we all know exercise is extremely beneficial for our health. Many doctors will recommend swimming as a very good alternative for individuals with joint pain. However, heavy exercise in pools is not a recommended workout. It can cause strain on the heart and body temperature is not maintained well. So avoid too much of swimming.
Sometimes what we do is that we don’t actually think before doing something. So, for your better health eat healthy and stay healthy. Avoid things that make you unhealthy. Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for more healthy updates.
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