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Many people think that restaurants are only meant for food but if you look at the restaurants through the eyes of Indians than there are much more things than any one can imagine. Now I am going to disclose some silly & funny things that Indians love to do in restaurants apart from eating.
Sometimes they act like NINJA in the restaurants to steal SOFT SOFT NAPKINS.
To pack the remaining food is very common howver order them to share the food in 2 or 4 or 6 becomes much difficult.
No one can argue with the customer over the issue of TAX AND TIP.
Believe me they are innocent and they are very clever because by stealing SAUF for future proves that they are the ones who takes care of their future as well.
After all this hard work they still don’t give any damn tip to waiter, hahaha hilarious one.
Hostel boys & girls love to do this SIN and feel proud after doing this.
The logic is very clear that WATER IS WATER whether from mineral bottle or any random TAP.
We hope that in your lifetime you have also done one of the things which are mentioned above, but don’t feel sad or bad because we are INDIAN and we always do something “HATKE”.
Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP from more DESI UPDATES.
Written & concept - Adnan Alam
Image credits - Vikas Kakkar
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