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I clearly remember the time when I used to celebrate the teachers day in my school days, It’s like a festival that is meant for teachers and a platform where we portray the hard work of teachers. Teachers are not only the one who taught us in school and colleges but a real teacher is who teach us how to handle the life and how to face the odds of life. Today we are going to give some Bollywood movies name that completely shake the whole industry and audience by their teacher’s theme. Here is the list:
Black - 2005
In 2005 Sanjay LeelaBansali created a beautiful movie named “Black”. The movie stories revolve around a blind and deaf girl, and her relationship with her teacher who himself later develops Alzheimer's disease. The film is inspired by the “Helen Keller's life and struggle”.
Iqbal - 2005
In 2005 NageshKoknoor presented a Indian sports drama. A dumb boy from remote area want to learn cricket but because of the poor condition of family that boy not be able to learn the cricket from any outsource than finally he met with a teacher (coach) who help him to learn the cricket very well. That’s what teachers do in one’s life.
Taree Zameen Par - 2007
Aamir khan produced and directed this movie in 2007. Movie won many prestigious awards at various award functions .The film explores the life and imagination of Ishaan, an eight-year-old dyslexic child. Although he excels in art, his poor academic performance leads his parents to send him to a boarding school. Ishaan's new art teacher suspects that he is dyslexic and helps him to overcome his disability and make that disability into his stronger side.
Chak De India - 2007
A teacher help one personality to grow up in various conditions, a teacher always helps the other to act like a team and to think about the team first. Chak de a master piece movie that portray the various quality of ideal teacher.
3 Idiots - 2009
Raj Kumar Hirani produced and directed many good movies in Bollywood. This 3 Idiots revolves around a bad teacher. We all that today is teachers day but sometimes criticism is very important. Sometimes teachers always have to behave in a good and positive manner. Come back to story line the original idea of the movie taken out by some innovative minds (students) like“Remya Jose”, a student from Kerala, who created the exercise-bicycle/washing-machine; “Mohammad Idris”, a barber from Meerut district in Uttar Pradesh, who invented a bicycle-powered horse clipper; and Jahangir Painter, a painter from Maharashtra, who made the scooter-powered flour mill. This is how this beautiful movie came out.
We all know that teachers are like candles but on this teacher’s day lets just wish them. No matter how old you become and old they become but they always remains your teacher.
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