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Sometimes an action and reaction of a person speaks louder than anything, just you have to decode that action or reaction. In this wide world every corner shares a special story and today we will be going to decode some of the worlds famous photos.
Let us just begin the story “story of photos” :
#1 Falling & Raise Again
It’s not about falling and failure it’s about how you take the responsibilities and take the life in positive manner.
#2 Hidden face
Never judge anyone by looks, always see deep in the eye and try to understand what kind of person one is.
#3 Memories
Sometimes the only thing which left after many things is “shadows of Memories”
#4 Inner violations
Women always face many actions from the society that completely ruined her from inside.
#5 Age or Support
It’s not about the age in every one’s life that matter, the thing what matters is SUPPORT in that age.
#6 From this to that
This photo tells the true story of what you are from inception to death.
#7 Happy with wedding or sad on condition
Photographer perfectly portrays the wedding condition in Iraq after war.
#8 what you see is not real
The photo portraying the image and condition of women violence.
#9 Struggle with light of hopes
There is always a light hope in every kind life struggle.
#10 Shadow of brutality
This shadow shows the brutal society and people who always poke the women.
Each and photo above tells a bitter truth that’s why I said before sometimes photos speaks louder than thousand words. Stay tuned to Lopscoop for more interesting updates.
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