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In this strange world we face many strange things in our day to day life. Museums always sounds very interesting and fun but today we will showcase some of the world most unusual museums that definitely going to surprise you for sure. So, here is the list:
Siriraj Medical Museum, Bangkok Thailand:
Museum of death, if you always wonder that what’s exactly in our body, and while watching violent movies you enjoy than you should go to this museum that consists of dead bodies of children, young boy & girls, men & women. An unusual place where one should go at least once in a lifetime.
International Cryptozoology Museum, United States:
Cryptozoology means the study of animals and creatures that have not been verified by science, and exist in many written pieces and only find in many myths. This is a very exciting place for whom that believe in mermaid, bigfoot and many other mysterious creatures.
The Kunstkamera, Russia:
A deadly museum where there are many human head are kept in vinegar, comprises of deadly techniques to kill a human. I guess Russia created this museum to fear the other by showing their dangerous techniques.
Celebrity Lingerie Hall of Fame, Los Angeles
On display of this museum is the underwear worn by Tom Hanks when filming Forrest Gump, the under things of the entire teenage heartthrob cast of Beverly Hills 90210, and Cher. You can even find a particularly interesting exhibit of ladies’ delicates worn by men in drag. This includes the training bra of Phyllis Diller thoughtfully marked “This Side Up”. Naughty people must go there.
Museum of Bad Art, United States:
Bad art sometimes impresses and teach us and encourage us that there are many worst art worst than your own paintings. This museum consists of 600 pieces of worst art ever created in this world.
Museum of Enduring Beauty, Malaysia:
A museum which showcase the old tradition of foot molding in Malaysia, considered as one of the hardest tasks done by the any women in the world. From the very childhood women needs to tie their foot in a tight cloth just to shorten the size of their foot. Barbaric technique to torch women. But if one want to know the whole history than it’s a must visit.
Hope you also get shocked after reading and watching all these weird museums. Stay tuned to Lopscoop for more interesting updates.
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