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What we really think about a true “Pakka” friend? A true “KAMINA” friend who knows what’s good and what’s bad for us, if one really find that kind of creature than be ready to get comment at each point of your life. Today we will be going to re-discover our true friends’ ideology. Yes you heard it right just see what your true friend use to say something when we get committed.
Be prepared for the golden reply we get from our KAMINA WALA true friend:
1) “Galat kiya BC ab jee kutto ki zindagi”
When they knew that the match you found is not fit for you and they blindly say these kind words to us. Always keep listen to their suggestion they actually know what is good and what is bad.
2) “Awwwwieeee…. He is so cute, you are very lucky bitch”
When your bestie knew that you get a cute and handsome boyfriend but on the same time she also gets jealous.
3) “Future par concentrate kar samjha”
When they sometimes act like the family member especially act like our father.
4) “Bhai ek request hai please BABU, SHONA, BABY, BACHA room pe mat bolio”
When they know that now you will be going to annoy them with all the S#ITY words.
5) “Please be careful, Hook up wala scene nhi hona chahiye”
When they act like a perfect mother, because it’s about friendship but greater than that.
6) (AFTER DARU) “Mera bhai aaj mere hath se nikal kar, kisi bulbul ke hatho phas gyaa”
When they get sentimental and realize that you are no more going to spend time with them.
7) “Bhabhi too badi hot hai sala” (accidentally)
This one is really serious when they say many things in a flow and pretend that don’t take it in any other direction.
Hope you all also get these kinds of KAMINE friends. Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for more humorous updates.
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Author – Adnan Alam
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