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Month comprised of almost 30 days but if you are an office going person than each day teach you a new lesson. Initial period teach us something else and mid period something else. But every month turns out to be a rollercoaster journey. Today we will portray the whole month saga in funny illustrations.
Figure out how each date works out for office going person:
Date - 1st to 5th
This is the time when salary came and the person live the life in KING size.
Date - 6th to 12th
Best time when one ask for some credit with friend, no matter how much you ask but one definitely going to get money for sure.
Date - 13th to 20th
“Gareebi is coming” already suggest many things, it’s the time when you start preparing for everything but still you know that the coming journey is going to be very difficult.
Date - 21st to 25th
When money getting vanish from the pocket you start thinking about the family members.
Date - 26th to 30th
Each day of month last is like a exam for our life.
Date - 31st
31st is like the monster of the month, be prepared be yourself.
Be prepared and be practical in each day and please try to save money for last, kidding right now, enjoy your life to the fullest. PAISA हाथ का मैल HAI :D Do remember.
Stay tuned to Lopscoop for more updates.
Author & Image text - Adnan AlamImage credits - Vikas Kakkar
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