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Kids are likely to be the most innocent souls present in this world. Their thinking, mindset, thoughts are very light and very to be getting molded. In this vast world of entertainment audience need, new and exclusive content for entertainment and reality shows are quite popular in this category. Today we will be going to derive out some ugly points related to “KIDS reality show”. Now you all might have been wondering that why “Ugly”?
The answer is “because we are truly responsible for making these so hyped and so successful that we don’t even think about those little-little innocent children. Let’s discuss that why these kid reality shows have an ugly side:
No matter how cute it’s look to see kids singing beautiful songs, dancing on different bollywood numbers, performing different activities on stage but do you know the schedule for the rehearsals in these reality shows are very long and lengthy. Kids have to do 6-8 hours of rehearsal sometimes or more than that and after doing so much of hard work they also have to read the script for fillers. This creates many problems in both the child and the family.
Emotionally Tortured:
After getting eliminated the participants have to face a huge loss in their emotions. No matter how other people help them to overcome but children not understand easily and as result they this tragedy make them weak.
Making Them Fake:
To gain TRP in reality shows there is a lot of drama that takes place and for that the producers use the innocence of child’s and give very cheap and bad script and tell them to do what make audience more emotional and that totally ruined the child inner peace.
Creating Imbalance in their lives:
Due to rehearsals, auditions, shows children have to face many imbalances in their daily life routine. They have to miss their school and miss their family meetings. That clearly suggests that if one child enters in this world he/she have to negotiate with other things for sure.
Whether it’s a dancing show, singing show or other talent portraying show, if on one hand they provide stage for kid’s talent than on the other hand they also making them weak in many other ways. I think it’s a high time to ban these kids’ reality shows. Don’t make them to compete to love each other and spread happiness everywhere.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Designed – Vikas Kakkar
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