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"Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are"- Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
Indians are known for their distinctive flavour and so is their palate. The classic Indian thali can take you on a cultural exploration. A complete meal in itself, a thali packs in small portions of a multitude of dishes on one platter.
Each state has its own take on the thali and as you move from one expanse to another, you’ll be welcomed with a new platter, with its own intricate menu.
What's more, nearly every Indian state and/or area has its own distinctive version of the "thali," made to suit local tastes and cuisine styles. These yummy 7 thalis can make every foodie love go gaga.
Maharashtrian thali is famous for its mildly spicy food. It generally features a few non-veg items and the dishes actually diverge in different parts of Maharashtra. With sweets like aamras and sheera, the thali is definitely not missing when it comes to desserts. Maharashtrian thali automatically goes up by a level. Then you have your sabudaana vada, a refreshing glass of mattha, kanda poha, danyachi usal and the splendid pav bhaji, which rounds up this magnificence all-in-one meal.
Indians are known for king-like meals and the Andhra thali is the best example of it. The rice, sambhar, kootu ( vegetable curry cooked with lentils), kosumri, paapad, curd that comes with the thali will make you savour it, and believe me, it's a total value for money. Now let's talk about some desserts and akkaravadisal ( a sweet made with rice and lentils) melts in your mouth, giving you a heavenly feeling.
The flavours of a heavenly Bengali thali stay with you long after the meal is over. The king of an authentic Bengali thali is the signature delicacies like the begun bhaja , patol bhaja, shukto , shaak (green leafy vegetables), The maach bhaja (fish fry) is just heavenly, and you can't miss the maachher kalia (fish curry). Bengali Thali is incomplete without their sweet delicacy like sandesh and malpua.
Right from Bihar we bring you a pure vegetarian thali, which compromises of a main ingredient called as sattu (roasted Bengal gram flour) while the main method involved is bhoonjna or light frying. Well, if you have soft corner for litti ka chokha and raw mango chutney, then you must get your hands on to Bhojpuri Thali. A typical Bihari dessert rasiyaaw (sweet rice), and balushahi (a sweet) is a must try.
Kashmiri food originated from the charming Kashmir Valley, the crown of India that lies in the lap of the Himalayas. The ultimate traditional feast in Kashmir is known as Wazwan, which is especially prepared in marriages is an art in itself. This thali includes kebab nadir shahi (lotus stems kebabs), methi chaman (cottage cheese with fenugreek), khatte baingan (spicy and sour brinjal), mutton rogan josh (signature Kashmiri lamb curry), The famous dessert of Kashmiri Thali is doon chetin (apple chutney) and it almost gives you a flavour of the valley. The spread ends on a self-indulgent note with phirni, a rose and saffron flavoured rice custard. Oh! What a bliss!
If you think Gujarat Thalis are just about sweets add dhokla, then you must re-think. We bring you Kathiawad food, a typical Gujarati thali has much to offer. It does have khatta dhokla (Gujarati snack), with a tangy gajar mirch sambhar, and dessert like kesar shrikhand (saffron flavoured yoghurt sweet). The famous chaas (buttermilk) in the Thali is a must try. If you are fortunate and its mango season, this thali will also be accompanied by a juicy aamras (mango pulp) dip.
A usual Assamese meal starts with an exclusive dish called khar (a curry of raw papaya, lentil and powdered dried banana skins). It is followed by pura ( smoked meat or fish), poitabhat (cooked rice that is soaked overnight and garnished with mustard oil, onion and chillies), pitika( a kind of mash), shaak bhaji(green leafy vegetable), bor (fritters) and pickle. The feast ends with a signature Assamese preparation, tenga, a lightly spiced sugary and sour fish curry that will make you go gaga.
Finger licking good! So, which one is your favourite thali?
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