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Families are always considered as one of the most complicated relations in the whole world. Each and every member of family acts like a totally different personality in his own way. In this digital world, there are mobile apps for each and every task. The time when smart phones arrived in the boring world, suddenly, there came a lively change. Today, let’s just compare the technology with our very own family members. Let’s confront that how applications are not at all a competition in front of our family members and the features in the Mobile apps are like nothing in front of them.
Some hilarious comparison:
Instagram – “Taya Ji with camera”
As we all know that Instagram is very popular regarding variety of photos. But how can we forget our TAYA JI, as we encountered many times that whenever there is small function in the family TAYA JI records each and every moment with his old version phone. No matter how much we pay for professional photographer, but their photography always stays on ACTIVE mode.
Tinder – “Bua Ji”
Tinder always suggests us with new matches and if we compare it with the very own BUA JI, and then BUA always find different RISHTAS for their bhatijas, bhatijis, blah blah blahhhh…
Facebook – “Mami Ji”
Mami ji, Mausi ji, etc. all act like the one who always update us with all the hot gossips in the family just like the Facebook I guess, quite similar.
Snapchat – Newlywed “Bhabhi ji”
Snapchat is the app in which we cannot take screenshot of a photograph and it is automatically erased in a day just like the newly we BHABHI JI. Each and every person wants to see her again and again but no one can see her very easily.
LinkedIn – “Jeeja Ji”
We can submit our CV on LinkedIn just like JEEJA JI. Every person depends on Jeeja Ji for the job. In this manner, both travel on the same ship, I guess.
Twitter – “Chacha Ji – Chachi Ji”
Chacha Ji and Chachi Ji always create many chaotic situations in the family just like the Twitter.
Whatsapp – “Dur ke Rishtedaar”
Useless groups on whatsapp and random messages remind us about the DUR KE RISHTEDAR in our family. No matter how annoyed we feel, they keep on talking just like useless messages on whatsapp.
Start enjoying by considering your family at another funniest level. No matter how sweet and innocent they look, believe me, they had hidden talents in them.
Stay tuned to Lopscoop and remain updated.
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Image concept & Author – Adnan Alam
Image designed – Vikas kakkar.
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