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The number of Vehicle on road is I guess, more than the population residing in the home. Every day, there are schemes and discount on different vehicles and nowadays it has become really easy to buy a vehicle. In this hectic world, we always want to save our time but what about the traffic jam? Traffic jam nowadays, has become a daily routine for us. We don’t have any other option other than facing the traffic. Today, we will be going to tell you some very interesting tricks about passing time being stuck in the traffic.
Do remember, enjoy every precious moment of your life; don’t waste it getting irritated in pathetic road traffic:
One can easily order different meal and enjoy eating it. Hope, all the food outlet must give “CAR DELIVERY” instead of home delivery.
Enjoy your time with friends and hit the dance floor of the car. Play your favorite beat and hit the floor.
No need to get ready at home. You will get a lot of time in car, so try different dresses in Car and utilize your time.
No need to tooth paste at bathroom, change this place from room to car, Use wiper water for free. Enjoy your morning with lot of adventure.
Act wisely and use your smart phones as much as you can. The most beautiful time is inside the Car just go live your life to the fullest.
Enjoy each activity in public transport, whether a good perfume or a fart. All depends upon your luck and yes, do pray for luck!
Be anything, be anyone. Sometime spend quality time with yourself too. Act weird, do anything you want because if you want to be happy in the traffic, be insane.
Chat with your Gf, if your gf always complaint about you that you don’t spend time with her then believe me, utilize this traffic time talking to her. She will be surely gonna say “I’m lovin it!” The time will going to over flow for her.
I guess Traffic date will be the next big thing. Best place for chatting and cuddling, I guess. Enjoy your love, propose her, gift her something or do anything sweat.
Don’t think that getting stuck in the traffic is boring. Maintain a calm look and do all kind of flirt techniques. May be you will find your partner in the middle of the traffic.PS – Sunset and Sunrise are not outdated, Traffic is the new trend! Enjoy.
Hope after reading these awesome techniques, next time when you get stuck in the traffic you will surely going to enjoy your time. Stay tuned to Lopscoop for more awesome Life hacks!
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Image Concept & Author – Adnan Alam
Image designed – Vikas Kakkar
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