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Reminiscent of William Wegman and his Weimeraners, Theron Humphrey's charming Maddie on Things series catalogs what he describes as "A Super Serious Project about Dogs and Physics." Humphrey will spend this year road tripping around the states, capture his supermodel coonhound ON things. Come and confront this great Duo.
Look who's here. Maddie with a human hand!
When I’m out of the city, far away from all that pavement is when I’m relaxed, gentle and balanced.
Eerily beauty around western Montana right now with all the wildfires, praying for rain in August
Look who's making eye to eye contact!
Me and my buddy. Best match!
MADDIE my love, my life my everything!
He always act like a boss to me.
Dog lives the stick life.
How’s y'alls summer?! (Think I’m gonna start collecting these photos)
Grateful I get to stomp around the world and catch so many sunsets with this girl
Hope all the Pet lovers must get very great idea to capture memories with their pet partners. Stay tuned to Lopscoop for more updates.Like share comment.
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