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India is considered as one of the leading countries in term of many sectors. In the list of developing countries, India has always given a sharp competition to many other countries but, are we really developing in every manner? Still we face female feticide, communal violence, and a bad infrastructure in the field Academics and sports. Today, we will be going to discuss why Indian Grassroot is getting weaker in terms of sports.
As compared to other countries, India is too far to match their sports level, only considering cricket as a main game, will not be going to solve anything. Countries like China, U.S.A, and United Kingdom have always given stress and concentration to domestic level sports and from there they pick good talents for the International level sports competitions and meet.
Let’s just find out why India got failed to manage and gather good talent from the grassroot level, here are the reasons behind the failure:
Sports Equipment:
Grassroot level is considered as the school level, a place where new talent gets knowledge to perform well, to know more about the sports. But if we talk about the Government schools of India, the condition is miserable. There is no such good equipment facility available in any government schools. No proper kit, diet and no proper play grounds. In this condition, how one can become a Olympic medalist? How?
Officials Coaches:
For a proper guidance we need a proper & well studied and well knowledgeable coach. But in many schools and academics there is scarcity of good coaches. The one that government hires is not at all capable of that job. Results comes out as worse than ever. But still we want to see the Indian Football team in FIFA World cup. How?
Government support:
The budget which gets passed every year is like a huge fund amount for all the government schools and associations. But it has been witnessed in many interviews the ex- players of different sports has claimed that they have never got this kind of support from the government. Corrupt officials always cut down the budget and never consider small town players as good and reputed talents. In this situation, how will we get our Next Milkha Singh? How?
This is the main point which I guess, never starts from the very grassroot. No good infrastructure for sports, No good equipments, No guidance, just because of this corruption. If a good player wants to play further he/she may have to pass through many obstacles and hurdles. Corruption is like a virus in our government system. It’s not getting clear at all. In these circumstances, how we will be going to perform well in every sport (not only in Cricket)? How?
Moral support:
Three factors are totally depends upon the moral support; School, Family & society. At every stage, players have to face many challenges from each one of them. Sometimes family supports the pear but school gets totally against the family and sometimes when family and schools supports then the society goes against the players. It’s a type of Chain process which is so tangled that it has ruined the whole courier of talented players.
In spite of being too modern, are we really taking all the things seriously? In this modern, era are we still in the Loophole of society and family. India is a talented country having lots of talents but what’s the benefit if we always hide the talents and never give them chance to build their own identity. I guess, it’s a high time for government to understand that if we want to grow a strong tree then we have to take care of the roots more than its leaves.
A message from Team Lopscoop!
Best wishes to India for future.
Author: - Adnan Alam
Image Credit – Vikas Kakkar.
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