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Since childhood, we keep on satisfying ourselves thinking about upcoming years that we are not going to face any problem. But in a very next moment, problems suddenly knock our doors like a king. After college life, all the students become aware about problems they are going to face in life, but today let’s just find out what sought of common problems we face in that very crucial and precious time.
Here are some Issues that strike our mind in the Golden Period ‘The After college life’:
No, no, no…. If you really think that getting job or having good boyfriend after college makes your life happy, then do remember about your relatives who always act like active commando to bring “RISHTA” (marriage proposal) for you from every possible place.
This is the core problem faced by many girls that after college parents, siblings, relatives and everyone acts against you whenever you get the opportunity to go beyond your limits.
P.S – It’s not abroad! it’s your limit, do remember.
Please be in your stable stage, be in your limits because this issue really pissed the whole scene very badly. Do remember never ever get indulge in this. WARNING!
During the phase just after college life, do remember not to get addicted to anything. Make priorities first then act accordingly. Never make yourself a slave. Be happy being you.
For boys it seems like getting job is the only thing left just after this hectic life of college; Father, mother, big brother, big sister all the people haunts you like ghost to get a job.
I don’t know why these relatives act like a red chili spice in our life. They get pleasure by applying those spices on our wounds. Good, keep this pathetic behavior always up. 3 claps for our relatives.
Read the rhyme really carefully and just analyze how this new life –‘life after college’ welcomes us. Do remember, trap is everywhere, I repeat, trap is everywhere.
I don’t know whether the boys and girls just after the college face these challenges or not but do remember YOU are the only one which can help yourself in these situations. Stop pretending like a weak person or underdog, always fight for the right and always work hard to resolve these issues.
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Image concept, Dialogues & Author – Adnan Alam
Image Designed – Varun Singh
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