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1910, the inception of Bollywood, since then we have almost crossed 107 years in Bollywood industry. These 107 years include the Early age, Golden period, the emergence and now a novel and modern Bollywood. During these 107 years, the film industry has produced so many different and mind blowing movies. But if we focus on movies related to independence then we can make a vast difference. Britishers have ruled over India for almost 200 years and before that Mughals did for centuries. But what after Britishers? Are we really free from all the boundations? Are we really a free and independent soul?
Bollywood helps us to understand the different aspects of Independence. Today, we are going to see the transition between the old and new Bollywood movies and also comparing the exact meaning of Independence:
Mother India & Swades:
Both movies show the love for the country but the situation, transition and conditions are totally different. On one hand, Mother India is a story that narrates the problems of a mother and the challenges faced by her family and on the other Swades is a story that again proves the country love and the love for his mother as well as mother land. But in both cases, main lead has to fight for many different problems just to have a peaceful and independent life.
Kranti & Rang De Basanti:
Kranti is a mind blowing example of a patriotic movie in Bollywood. The plot set in pre- independence era and there is a protest to get a proper freedom from the Britishers. On the other hand, if we analyze Rang de Basanti, it is a master piece by Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra. In this movie Indians fight for their independence with the country’s official officers and politicians. In both the cases, people needed ‘Proper independence from corruption and motherland’ but they need “KRANTI”.
Haqeeqat & Lagan:
In 1962, Indo-china war gave India a huge number of casualties. The movie Haqeeqat showcases the struggle during the war between both the countries. Similarly, if we see Lagan, Ashutosh Gawarikar in this movie has brilliantly shown the fight in a far different manner. In both movies, fight is going on but the technique is totally different. The characters in both the movies aim for freedom, that’s it!
Border & Chak de India:
Both the movies show the importance and the value of prestige. In all types of games or wars, one has to believe in himself to hold a victory. It’s not about Wining or loosing, sometimes it’s totally upon the confidence that leads you to cross all the odds.
Concluding Part: Every single movie which has mentioned above teaches us about the independence in different ways. One has to understand the Code about how WE take the independence and how WE can particularly find peace and independence.
Stay Tuned to Lopscoop for more updates.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Designed – Vikas Kakkar
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