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From ancient Egyptians to Queen Elizabeth to our Queens of India, Women use to get ready for many different occasions in every timeline. Makeup has been a part of culture for women and men for thousands of years. In the US alone, the beauty and cosmetics industry made over 62 BILLION dollars in revenue in 2016. In order to appreciate where our contour came from, here are some facts that will amaze you that makeup is not just only a makeup.
Ancient Roman nail polish consisted of sheep's blood and fat, giving them a bright red nail. Let's all say a little prayer of thanks to Revlon for becoming the first modern nail polish company in 1932, actually inspired by the finish on car paint.
In the early 20th century, before powder compacts became popular, powdered face papers called Papier Poudre were used to set and finish one's makeup. They're still on the market today, as the company has been in business since 1903.
In 1915, the first mascara like product was invented by Mabel Williams and her brother Thomas Lyle Williams in conjunction with a drug manufacturer. The "Lash-Brow-Ine" was basically Vaseline with oils and dye mixed in to give the brows and lashes sheen. As weird as this seems, it was enough to make their company - Maybelline - into a household name, and it still is over 100 years later.
Until the 16th century-ish, during the dark ages, the Christian Church banned the use of makeup, claiming it was used in satanic rituals and only for the lowest class of people, like prostitutes. Apparently, they skipped the part of the Bible where Jesus was friends with said prostitutes and said nothing about their makeup.
The iconic swivel-up lipstick tube that we all know and love was invented in 1923 by a man named James Bruce Mason Jr, in Nashville, TN. Just another amazing thing America has brought to the modern world.
Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for more interesting informations!
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