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Singlehood is a bliss. We must have heard this 100th of times but do we actually adore it? Actually yes, and if you haven’t tasted the beautiful feeling yet, here taking you to the wonderful world through LA-based painter, illustrator and occasional animator, Yaoyao Ma Van illustrations.
See for yourself!
1. Having the whole weekend for yourself so binge watch and chill!
2. Try out new clothes minus any inhibitions!
3. Clean or make dirt as you like!
4. Watch the stars and enjoy the dreamy setting!
5. The rains can make you wonder at times!
6. You have the whole bath tub to yourself so take all the time in the world!
7. Everone needs a little pampering in life!
8. Cook all the recipe in the world!
Embrace your life the way you want!
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