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We all have super big corner in our hearts for our moms, but sometimes on-screens mothers also win our love. Bollywood has always been a sentimental place so constantly showered us with so many moms-
1. Sunita in Kapoor & Sons
Ratna Pathak Shah plays a heart warming emotional mom, who loves her family and cares for them. She has added life to the movies with her gracious presence.
2.Tara Jaiswal in 'Dil Chahta Hai'
She is divorced, forlorn and often high. And because of all of the above Dimple Kapadia is not allowed to meet her child by her husband. This was a real mother. She was not allowed to be self-centred and human. She may not be your fav mom, but she definitely followed her heart and that made her unique.
3. Krish's loud mother Kavita in 2 states
Amrita Singh plays a loud and biased woman. When her son introduces her to his future wife's parents, her comments become upsetting in their chauvinism and intolerance. There is nothing modest about this on-screen mom. But she soon realizes the importance of her son’s love and starts walking with him.
4. Meera Deshmukh in Drishyam
She may have spoilt her only child on screen but does not tolerate nonsense. After finding the truth about her son's murderer, she leaves no stone unturned to bring them to justice. As a mournful mother, she has moments of flaws, but as a proficient police officer doing her job, she is strong and persistent.
5.Rani Kapoor in Dostana
Here comes everyone’s most loved maa. She is a traditional Punjabi woman raised to deem that homosexuality is an offense, so she is worried upon finding out about her son's love for another man. But later she decides to put her son's joy above her outdated understanding of love and that makes her a HERO MAA!
6.Shashi Godbole in English Vinglish
Her husband thinks of her merely a homely girl “born to make laddoos". Even her kids critic her for not being fluent in English. But that doesn’t stop Shashi proving them wrong. She is the most heart-warming and caring mom Bollywood has ever given us!
7. Sivagami in Bāhubalī
She is a RAJ MAATA. She loves her both kids unconditionally but never shies away also from teaching tough lessons of life. She then walks through a river, with the baby held over her head and drowns in it to protect him. Currently, she is country’s fav maa!
Don’t forget to tell us which one is your fav Maa!
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