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If I had a rupee for every time I watched a horror film and the characters in it did all the brainless shit I screamed at my television not to do, and then proceeded to die... then I'd be no wealthier, actually, 'cause I don't scream at my screen a lot. But these characters just aren’t ready to learn from their mistakes, the pre-emptively deaths are WAY too easy to guess and they are making those same goddamn textbook horror story mistakes that get their asses killed.
But why horror movie characters are so dumb?
The characters in every horror movies lack in rational thinking ability and simply fall for the trap! As a part of their viewers, don't we have the right to ask... what the fuck is going on?
You can see all these scenarios in almost all of the horror movies-
Long live horror movies! We have every mutha fuckin' clue still, just for the thrill we hit the screens!
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