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A Utah woman found a unique way to give her children “hand-me-down” clothing — by taking them from her husband. Stephanie Miller of Salt Lake City told many American media channel that this week that she has repurposed her husband’s clothes for her daughters. She’ll rework her husband’s old dress shirts into cute dressed for her daughters, ages 3 and 4. She also has two sons, a 5-year-old and 5-month-old. Let just see the magic created by her creativity. In the college time Stephanie known as the most creative person in her college but after marriage she thought that she lost her identity. So she thought about this, to re-design her husband shirt.
Here are some Pictures from her Instagram post:
People from all around the world appreciating her work. I guess she is not only creative but also a role model to those women and a girl who thinks life become joyless after marriage. Enjoy each and every moment of your life and make your own identity.
Must follow this women on instagram named as "mothermakesx4"
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