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We all purchase different types of products from online shops and online shopping websites. I bet you always search for products like shoes, t-shirts, Shirts, accessories but have you ever heard that Human real skulls are available at online stores? Not only this, there are lot of weird products which are only available Online. So let’s just discuss 8 weird products:
1. Banana Guard
If your friends and office mates are big thieves of BANANA, do buy this safety guard for your single banana. Do remember do buy this expensive guard just to save banana worth rupees 5.
2. Urine Power Battery
Now, there is no need to buy more fresh battery. Do buy this urine power battery and just use your urine to charge it time and again.
3. Justin Timber Toast
If you are really big fan of Justin Timberlake then don’t buy posters or albums related to him, Just focus on the toast. Buy and eat Justin!
4. Pet Rock USB
The main function of rock is “rock” do nothing, the specialty of this Pet Rock USB is doing nothing, just you can attach your USB wire to it and it will do nothing.
5. Human Skulls
If you are really interested in human skulls then don’t buy ‘not so genuine’ skulls. Do buy original and genuine Human skulls. I am wondering, what people do after purchasing that. Quite scary!
6. UFO Detector
See the belief of Human, there is no such evidence that prove that UFO is real but still people purchase these UFO detectors. Hope they get the chance to use this in their life time.
7. Live Uranium
Want fun in your life? Want something adventurous? Do buy this live uranium and ready to get caught by POLICE.
8. Zombie Survival Kit
We are so much infused by Hollywood movies that we have started planning to do a war against the zombies. Like seriously? What the H#LL is this.
Hope after knowing about these weird products you will search them but I am suggesting you not to buy these products please.
Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for more important and useful information.
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