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New sensation in the market which is really making the people calm is the stress buster spinner named Fidget spinner which nowadays, making people stressful instead of stress less. But if we still believe that these spinners can work to calm down the stress level then just have a look, what is going to be happen in India.
In our Country, nowadays there is lots of tension going on whether in politics or entertainment industry. Today, we are going to discuss who else from India need to spin the Fidget Spinner to release their stress. So let’s see who all want this fidget spinner from India:
Modi Ji:
After demonetization, GST and also after various foreign country tours, Modi ji feels so much stress. So it’s better to spin the spinner and don’t think about the “Deshwasio” just spin the spinerrrr.
Shahrukh khan & Imtiaz Ali:
Despite, the audience expected a lot from the movie, the Jodi of Shahrukh khan and Imtiaz ali got failed to create any magic. So, due to this reason they both need a fidget spinner but who will going to get that, No idea!
Baba Ramdev:
Ladies and Gentlemen, here is a new “aasan” that is done on the floor which totally release your stress. “Tension ka chakra ghumao asan”, so get ready and do the yoga.
Since Kejriwal decided as Delhi’s CM, this is itself the only thing he is TENSED about. So just because of this, Kejriwal needs fidget spinner, not one, but I guess 2 or 3 or may be more than that.
Salman Khan:
Bhaijaan as we all know you are the collest actor in bollywood but i damn sure after watching the movie response from the public, You definately need a spinner.
Rahul Gandhi:
No need of spinner for Rahul Gandhi, as I guess he has never felt any stress at all. Good Rahul, keep watching Pogo. The makers have specially designed it for you only. It perfectly suits you. Go ahead.
Arun Jaitaley:
As we all know that china and India are at the edge of war so in this intense circumstances, Arun Jaitley must spin the fidget to calm down his nervous system and think calmly.
Sushama swaraj:
With so much International pressure on the small shoulders of our Desi minister I guess she really needs to spin the stress buster spinner. Go ahead my Sushma Ji.
Hope this spinner would really work because we actually need this spinner to work. Stay tuned to Lopscoop for more Interesting and funny facts.Like, share & comment.
Author – Adnan Alam
Image Designed – Vikas Kakkar.
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