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Humans always search for many different forms of entertainment. Since ages, then till now, we as viewers or audiences want something new for entertainment and the REALITY shows are one of the examples of this process or practice. Reality shows; In which all the actions, performances, everything is real not scripted but if we spit out some true and honest things about these reality shows, we can easily come to the conclusion that all the things in this reality shows are not actually real. Every action and its reaction are totally SCRIPTED. Even the auditions are paid. So, let’s face the Reality of these reality shows.
Some Indian reality shows with their funny and bitter reality:
Big Boss or Temper loss:
It’s a show in which celebs are packed in a house for few months and are not given any luxury. But in this show we only witness fights, fights and fights. Each and every member in the house loose his/her temper all the time. They totally act wild; after all it only provides TRP to the show and publicity to individual. Good game. TEMPER LOSS aka BIGG BOSS!
Indian Idol or India becomes suicidal:
How can one face the not so sweet talks of Sonu Nigam, Farah khan’s unbearable voice and the most lame and pathetic shayaris (poems) of Anu Malik. Forget about the talent but India definitely becomes suicidal after facing this trio.
MTV Rodies or Shameless Bodies:
All the judges, the anchor and in fact the whole crew act like shameless bodies in this show. Using abusive language, Non sense tasks clearly prove that they can never feel shame for any single action.
Emotional Atyachar or “Karele ka Achar”:
How one can disclose its all private affairs in public? They literally make fun of true relationship. They showcase perfectly scripted fake stories and characters. No words for this pathetic show!
“Iss jungle se mujhe bacaho” or “Inn logo se mujhe bachao”:
This can be considered as one of the dumbest shows in Indian TV history. Celebs are sent to jungle to spend few weeks over there. Like what the SH#T is this! Again, the main agenda is getting popularity by scripted stories and eliminations.
Love School or Thug School:
Many couples in this show are totally fake; they all came just to get popularity on Facebook and Instagram, that’s it. “THUG” is the perfect word for the makers of this show who only mislead the youth and collect money.
Hope you all will agree and get angry how these makers create these types of lame shows. No matter how hard they try to engage you, never get influenced by these reality shows which are actually Fake shows.
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Image concept & Author – Adnan Alam
Image Designed by Vikas Kakkar.
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