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In this big-big world, we have a large variety of people around us. We saw lots of double-faced people, lots of liars, etc. but how to choose a wise person in this huge world? Simple! Always follow ‘filmy gyan’. Today, we will showcase some of the iconic character from the Bollywood and after analyzing those characters, do find your best one.
P.S – All have different and unique plus points. So, choose wisely.
RAJ from the movie “Awara”
If you like to date a free soul, do search for this kind of Raj in your life. No rule, no restriction, nothing. In all the conversation you will get to hear that “AWARA HOON” – Free soul.
JAI & VEERU from the movie "Sholay"
If you and one of your closest friends have coincidentally found boyfriends together then do find some pair like JAI-VEERU. No matter how many times you guys make sudden plans, they are always in.
ANAND from the movie “Anand”
Always a happy soul, he is full of positive energy and thoughts. No matter how deadly conditions are, “he” is always cool and calm.
RAJU from the movie “Raju Guide”
Are you a traveler and loves to travel to different places then do find someone like RAJU Guide, he knows each and every place. No matter if your 3G, 4G data is not working, this Guide will always work.
TARA from the movie “Gadar – Ek prem katha”
Do you want a simple, sweet, caring and daring boyfriend? Go and search for someone like Tara Singh. He is perfectly supportive in nature and also too tough to protect you from others, sometimes from other countries also.
RAJ from the movie “Dil Wale Dulhaniya le Jayenge”
Want a smart and cute guy, who knows how to play guitar and talk endlessly? You need to find someone like RAJ, you never know, you can find him in any minute because always remember “Bade Bade Shehron mai esi choti choti baate hoti rehti hai”
DON from the movie “Don”
If you like adventure in your life and love taking risks then do find some gangster or simply someone like DON.
There are many more other options that are available in the bollywood market. Just choose the right one and according to that make a proper list about what exactly you are looking for. Make your next move very cleverly. Be smart, Be you.
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Image Concept & Author - Adnan Alam
Image Designer - Vikas Kakkar
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