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Love is in the Air, everywhere! I guess our television industry has taken this logic very deeply and seriously. “Pehredar Piya Ki” – Indian T.V Serial which is creating a lot of controversies. In this serial, we see a 9 year old little boy getting married to an 18 year old girl, still sound simple, but the makers of this daily soap are also showing some love scenes and even the honeymoon trip of this odd couple. So, today we have decided to put forward the funny reaction that is created by this serial through our deadly hilarious memes.
Let the show begin:
In this Salman khan representing the Male side. In the present situation, even the bollywood celebs not getting any romantic role but Hat’s off to this little master!
We all can easily relate ourselves to this show; don’t get jealous at all please. It’s my humble request.
He is the dude, the Dan Bilzerian of all school going kids I guess!
To all the ladies please imagine yourself in the position of this girl and you all will definitely going to feel the reaction.
If in this way, our television industry is going to teach our youth then believe me, their future is in the dangerous hands.
No words after this meme, RIP Indian television industry.
Hahaha, this one is hilarious and sarcastic too, a new vision to see and understand the Women empowerment in India.
Seriously, if tomorrow, your 10 year old boy asked for a wife then don’t get surprised because it’s all because of our great Indian television industry.
In the end I’d like to say, ‘Dear television industry, please stop producing nonsense stuff. You must use your common sense which is very uncommon in you, I guess. Do use your brains if you really want to make a unique story”. Please!’
Choose sensibly and Watch wisely.
Stay tuned to Lopscoop for more updates.
Image Concept & Author - Adnan Alam
Image Designed - Vikas Kakkar
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