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Time is very precious as we all know, and in this fast forward world we(human) always create things that help us to save our time. Abbreviations are one of them. In social media abbreviations are very common but these common abbreviations sometimes become very tricky to understand. Here are some common abbreviations and their hidden meaning:
It just means “For your information.” Offices use this one a little too much.
If you once thought LOL stood for “Lots of Love” then you’re not alone. Even many celebs reacted like this but, Of course, we all know it stands for “Laugh Out Loud.”
FAQ stands for “Frequently Asked Questions” which one Redditor thought it just was another way of saying “Facts.” It also kind of sounds like a word that would be bleeped on television.
EOM stands for “End of Message” and is usually used in emails at work when someone writes a message in the subject line and then places “EOM” at the end, indicating you don’t need to open the email.
BTW is a texting abbreviation meaning, “By the way.”
PIN stands for “Personal Identification Number” which many will say “PIN Number.” However, that’s essentially just saying, “Personal Identification Number Number.” So, just say PIN.
Depending on the context of a conversation ATM can mean different things. In it’s most common form, ATM stands for “Automated Teller Machine.” So when someone says “ATM Machine” they are literally saying “Automated Teller Machine Machine”. However, ATM is also an acronym for “At the moment” and is used during a chat conversation or e-mail.
Hope now you will be able to reply faster on your messeges. Stay updated stay tuned to Lopscoop!
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