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Today we will going to discuss about some mysterious places and objects which only found In India.
So, Let just witness some mysterious informations:
Floating Stones
Floating stones kept in Aurangabad temple. Many Pandit's stated that these stones or rocks are the remaining stones which was used by Prince Ram in Lanka war against the Ravana.
Half Size Taj Mahal
Better known as Bibi ka makbara at Aurangabad.Design based on the actual Taj Mahal.
Red Rain
In 2011 kerala people witness this red rain also known as blood rain.
Natural Mummy
Natural mummy of SANGA TENZIN spiti.
Hanging Pillar.
This pillar is a core attraction at Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh.
Rat Temple
This temple located at Bikaner, Rajasthan also known as Karni mata ka mandir.
Village without doors
Shani shinapara in Maharashtra, in this village no one had doors in their homes. All the people over there believes that, becuase of Temple Shani, they all are saved.
Lake of Skeletons
In 9th century many people got died near this lake, now when ice got melted the skeletons got visible thats why this lake is the most popular place in Roopkund trek(uttrakhand).
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