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India counts highest number of doctors and engineers, But do know the common people of India knows so many tricks that definitely gives a huge challenge to our countries engineers. Today we are going to reveal many automotive innovations that totally created with the help of creativity and luck. In many North India cities we saw many different types of JUGAAD vehicles. So, let just witness some of the jugaads vehicles of India:
This mix modification of bullet usually use to carry people and some of the house grocery items. Mostly seen in Punjab Area.
Mostly famous as JUGAAD in western Uttar pradesh reagion. In this the whole work with the help of electricity Generator. Woooo good work peeps!
Before this invention Donkeys are use to carry the water tanks but after this invention problems get solved very easily both for us and donkeys too!
Mostly famous in Bihar region and known as Chota Tractor, This help the farmers both in harvesting the crops and to carry those crops.
As you can see the best use of electricity old car garbage and sugarcane. Perfect for Haryana region.
Want to harvest the feilds , don't have money? no worries just follow this quick and cheap way of harvesting. Hat's of to our hardworking farmers.
We are not criticizing our farmers or any other person we are just want to say that no matter if they don’t have money but they know how to tackle all the problems in their life’s. Hats off to all these hardworking people.
Stay tuned to Lopscoop.
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