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In this fast forward world, everything gets change according to the new situations. Same goes with our bollywood songs. They always change frequently with a fast pace. Today, we will discuss different SITUATIONS and compare two kind of songs from the Bollywood industry, one from old era and one from new era respectively. So, let’s begin the final showdown over here. Enjoy some funny situations and songs. Here we go-
Situation – Love
As you can see the major difference between the two era. At one place actress was saying that if we fall in love than why to get fear but at another place modern era saying that this love itself a risk.
Situation – Motivation
Never considered my skin tone only focus that I am a “DIL WALA” but in modern era we get motivated from the thing which we already knew like water is blue sun gives sunny weather. Wow 3 claps of shame for a new era.
Situation – Break up
Now no more crying on the breakup just shut the F#*k up and do party. New era rocks.
Situation – Item song
The situation in old era is that when women help men to get ready to face the challenges but in this era men suggesting to their friends that don’t get trapped in the world of LAILA. Do give full respect to our male friends please.
Situation – No-meaning
Bollywwod is like a god in making no meaning song. Hat’s off to our beloved Bollywood.
Situation – Double meaning
In this category bollywood always stay active no matter whether it is 60’s 70’s 90’s or now we proudly create these songs.
Situation – Information giving
Hahaha this one is hilarious many times bollywood gives many information in many songs and please bollywood keep on updating us by your non sense information.
Hope this whole comparison makes clear many doubts in one’s mind. No matter how other cinema judges and criticizes Bollywood but we as an audience just love the songs from these movies. Love all the songs in all situations. BOLLYWOOD ROCKS.
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Image concept & Author - Adnan Alam
Image Designed - Vikas Kakkar
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