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In the late 60’s and 70’s, Congress government sealed the basement of Taj Mahal completely, many eyewitness claimed lots of stories about the reasons behind the sealing of the famous monument. One of the world famous architecture has many secrets.
Let’s find out some Interesting facts and mysteries:
Is it a Tomb or Temple?
The deepest secret of Taj Mahal is whether it is a temple or a tomb. According to the book ‘The true story of Taj Mahal’, the fort was originally a temple of Lord Shiva built by the early “Rajputs” of Agra. Then this temple was conquered by Shah Jahan. It’s very challenging secret of Taj Mahal which is not yet given any authenticity by any government bodies.
Deep secrets of Basement rooms:
Like many other forts and tomb, Taj Mahal too has secret rooms and passages. There are many rooms; these are supposedly kept closed since the time of Shah Jahan. According to researchers, these rooms contain many proofs of Vedic arts. Apart from that, some claimed that government sealed the basement because the marble that has used in Taj Mahal create some toxic gas in the basement which is really harmful for health.
MUMTAZ preserved as Mummy:
In the dark basement of Taj Mahal and against the Islamic rules, many claimed that Mumtaz(wife of Shah Jahan preserved in the form of mummy; a technique originated from Egypt in which people believed that one day that person will again retain his/her life.
Unknown water outlet and structure:
Many researches proved that there is a water outlet which always keeps on flowing and that flow of water goes straight to Shiv ling. And if we look at the structure, it seems very similar to Shiv ling.
Don’t know whether these facts are wrong or right but I guess this beautiful token of love may hide some bitter and ugly sides of life too.
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Image Designed by Vikas Kakkar
Author – Adnan Alam
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