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Entertainment Industry is the most creative industry in the whole world. If we talk about Bollywood, it is one of the India’s largest industries that produce more than 1000 films per year. So, being in a tough competition, sometimes Bollywood big stars , great directors , huge producers many times copy stories, characters, posters, etc. from other cinemas. Nowadays, Sanjay Dutt’s upcoming movie ‘BHUMI’ is in limelight due to its copied poster from Liam Neeson movie ‘The Grey’.
Let just have look on some of the copied posters by BOLLYWOOD from HOLLYWOOD:
Poster's seems to look very similar but hope Sanju baba will bring new story for sure.
Although poster's look very similar but story of both the movies were very diffirent.
No similarity in the story but the poster is purely identical.
Not only the movies Bollywood also copy posters from games too. Homefront is a PS3 game.
Gujrati V/S Greek. Story was totally different but you can see the poster clearly.
Three cool hunk in both the posters looks like a mirror image over here.
How cleaverly sword replaced by Malika Shehrawat. Big Clap for this creativity.
Ohh shahrukh - bollywood khan you too apply the same logic. shame!
How can one compare their love story with this epic Titanic love story.
Chote Nawab by giving sharp looks on your face doesn't make your face less funny than our very own ROWAN ATKINSON.
Ok guys no more BOLLYWOOD as copy cat, sometimes hollywood also follow us!
This one is just for fun. No hard feeling. :D
In many cases, Bollywood has copied the whole story from big Hollywood blockbusters in a very bad and inaccurate manner. Hopefully, Sanjay Dutt starrer movie ‘BHUMI’ is not exactly a copy of ‘THE GREY’.
All the best to Hollywood for originals and bye - bye to copycat bollywood.
Image credit - Vikas Kakkar.
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