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“Raksha Bandhan” a festival when a sister ties a love thread on her brother’s wrist and in return brother guaranteed his sister with safety in every condition, HOW SWEET! But if we see this festival from the perceptions of Singles then it sounds like: “A toxic festival where one’s crush ties a hatred and aggression thread to her would be boyfriend and in return of this evil work he only says “WTH”.
Here are some memes that definitely blow your mind:
Be prepared as this monster is coming. Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
He is the only guy who is truly living a THUG life on this Raksha Bandhan.
All the men who suffered from this condition can perfectly relate to this condition.
Please, my dear brothers, don’t waste your precious tear on this condition. May Love baba bless you all.
I guess the true villain in singles life is none other than this BLOODY RAKHI.
Even Politian also get affected by this dangerous weapon of Indian cute and smart girls.
My dear friend, it’s my humble request to add this extra accessory during this hard day.
Believe me “This is the happiest moment one can get in his whole life”. JA SIMRAN JA, JAA JILEE APNI ZINDAGI.
This is the best trick please do try this at home. Dress like this, please my dear poor brothers.
So dear brothers (singles) this is the hard truth and you all have to believe it. Just hope for some miracle if you get through this festival without being caught.
RAKSHA BANDHAN is coming, so be prepared and attentive all the time. You never know from where “that thing” is coming. I guess you know what “that thing” sssshhhhhhh! They are coming.
Image concept and Author - Adnan Alam
Image designed - Vikas Kakkar
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