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Bengaluru police caught a “psycho thief” who used to steal women inner wear under the dark light of Moon. We all know that as our daily expenses are increasing, the crime rate is also taking a bigger shape. But what’s the story behind this brief thief? Let’s find out:
About the Incident
The man, who has been sneaking into the women's hostel in Maharani's Arts, Commerce and Management College for Women in a semi- nude state and stealing underwear, was arrested by the police on Wednesday. According to many reports, the man was identified as Abuthaleem, who has been living in Bengaluru. He is originally from Bihar and later shifted to Bengaluru. He is living there for about 15 years.
Weird Climax
Reportedly, Abuthaleem had been spotted entering the women's college premises naked on different occasions in the last six months. Many times, this man had been seen while wearing different Bras and Panties. This part of the story creates confusion about his doings. “Why this psycho used to wear these innerwear especially, at the time of entering the girl's hostel” Why?
Final words
After Students complained that he has stolen almost a dozen inner-wear articles, the college principal Dr.Shantha Kumari stated, “We had lodged a complaint in the police station and we have also brought it to the notice of our department. They are taking care of the matter. He is a psycho-minded youth; he simply jumps through the long lengthy wall in midnight hours. We have CCTV cameras in all the necessary places,"
We just hope that we would never encounter such kind of psycho thieves and hope these kinds of silly boys would stop such shameful locomotion.
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