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Every country has its own legacy and history. For an independent nation currency plays a vital role in making it perfect. For every nation taking a decision on currency is one of the biggest tasks. If we talk about India, in past few months, lot of changes have taken place like demonetization and now there is a new update which says that the 2000 rupee note will not going to be printed anymore instead, the government is planning to print 200 rupee note for the very first time.
Just like these, there are many interesting facts. Let’s have a look:
5,000 & 10,000 rupee notes by RBI
From 1954 to 1978, RBI has printed the 5000 and 10,000 rupee notes but at that time, corruption had got increased so much that if someone had to hide 1 lakh rupee, he just needed to conceal 10 notes. After analyzing such situations RBI banned the 5000 and 10,000 rupee notes completely.
Pakistan used INDIAN CURRENCY as their official currency
Just after the independence, Pakistan did not print its own proper currency. So, they used the Indian currency using the stamp of Pakistan Government.
Smuggling Of 5 rupee coin
Many reports say that the 5 rupee coin of Indian currency was being smuggled to Bangladesh to make RAZOR. Many pieces of evidence have proved that with the 5 rupee coin, 7-8 razors were made and it used to cost around 2 rupees per razor. Finally, RBI decided to change the material of 5 rupee coin.
Government of India only prints ONE rupee note
RBI is responsible for all the Indian currency notes but if we talk about the 1 rupee note then this is the only note which gets printed by the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA and published by ministry of finance.
Zero Rupee Note
This particular note is only meant against the corruption. If someone asks for a bribe than a ZERO rupee note can be given to him, simply means NO CASH FOR BRIBE.
Hope you will definitely get an Idea about different facts regarding INDIAN CURRENCY. Stay tuned to lopscoop for more informative updates.
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Author - Adnan Alam
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