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Monsoon is considered as one of the best season to enjoy but in many other terms this weather also carry some unwanted viruses. Many people get unhealthy during monsoon. It would be surprising for you to know that FOOD in this weather is the main reason for many kinds of diseases. So, in this pleasant weather one should take care of his/her diet fully. There are few tricks that one follow to stay fit during monsoon.
Some food items that you should avoid in this monsoon season.
Avoid Green Vegetables
During every season, doctors advise to eat green vegetables but if we talk about monsoon season, one should avoid green vegetables to stay healthy because the grime and dampness present in them makes them highly susceptible to germs. Choose other vegetables apart from that especially, in monsoon season.
Avoid Juice and fruit from Roadside Vendors
Air in monsoon weather is not purely good for fruit. In many situations roadside vendors sell fruits, which are cut by them in advance. Those fruits come in contact with contaminated air and when we drink the juice made of those fruits, we probably get it. Stick to fresh fruit juice prepared at home and try to consume it quickly.
Avoid Sea Food
Monsoon is considered as the best breeding season for fish and prawns so they are best avoided this time of the year. Tries to stick to chicken and other non-veg item to cut down your craving for non-veg food.
Avoid Pakodas (Fried Food)
I know all we want in the rainy season is pakodas. But doctors do not often suggest fried food as it can cause indigestion in the body and if want to eat it then make it at home and consume it in a small quantity.
Avoid Cold Drinks
Consumption of Cold drinks always reduces minerals from our body, which in turn leads to reduction of enzyme activity. This is highly undesirable with an already weak digestive system. Try to consume “Nimbu-pani” or “Rohafza” instead of cold drink in this season.
I know it’s really hard to control our diet during this lovely weather but if you want to stay fit in this season, try avoiding these food items.Stay Fit, Enjoy to the fullest.
Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for more healthy updates.
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