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Today, we will talk about a ‘new photo clicking technique’ which has totally shaken the whole world as well as each and every part of India. The technique is termed as “SELFIE”. If we talk about how it affects the Indian society then we have to take a look at THE VAST INDIAN SOCIETY first.
India has 122 major languages and 1599 other languages. It’s like in every 10-20 km, language changes according to the different region, its way of living, and its culture. Language plays a big role in each and every aspect and same goes with the entertainment industry. Each region has its own entertainment industry and all of them has its own target audience. If we talk about SELFIE related songs, each industry is generating a high profit from these selfie songs. That’s how each and every listener of different regions (mainly Youth) gets highly influenced by this selfie trend.
Let’s just find out how different language songs and celebrities are contributing in enhancing the selfie trend in Indian society: -
SONG: “Selfie Pulla” , Movie: Kaththi , Actors: Vijay & Samantha Ruth Prabhu
If we check YouTube, there are 28+ million views on this song. I guess, after reading the meaning all can clearly imagine that how naughty is our south Indian audience and why the selfie trend is increasing in those areas. Good work Vijay and Samantha.
SONG: “Selfie Mein Photo” ,Movie: Bam Bam Bol Raha Hai Kashi ,Actors: Dinesh Lal Yadav & Amrapali Dubey
Bhojpuri film Industry is an emerging industry in North India. But after listening to the song and reading its translation, we are forced to think that if these kinds of songs will keep on coming from this industry then definitely Selfie trend will become the biggest sensation in Bihar. WHAT A DANCE BY BOTH THE ACTORS, A MUST SEE!
SONG: Selfie Le Na Re ,Movie: Abhimaan ,Actors: Jeet & Subhashree Ganguly.
Bengali people are always considered as very sweet and after hearing this Bengali song or reading its translation, it clearly depicts how sweetly both the actors Jeet and Subhashree have increased the selfie trend. AWWWWIEE! CUTE LYRICS.
SONG: “kudi shout karkeke” ,Album: “Selfie” ,Singer and Actor: Milind Gaba & Audience
Nowadays, Milind Gaba is considered as one of the fastest growing sensation in Punjabi music industry. But the way he explains SELFIE in his song is outstanding. Just read the translation and you all will understand the power of rhyme in PUNJABI, for sure. Also, you won’t believe that whenever these kinds of songs are played anywhere, the youth and even the other age group can’t stop themselves taking selfies. Good Job Milind, in boosting the selfie trend in PUNJAB.
SONG: “Selfie maine leli aaj” ,Album: Single song ,Singer and Actor: Dhinchak Pooja & AUDI CAR.
This, as we all know, is the most pathetic song by our not very own Dhinchak Pooja. But believe it or not, nowadays, she is a selfie sensation of our country. All thanks to Dhinchak Pooja for promoting selfie trend in a negative manner.
Not only this, India’s biggest super stars of Bollywood like Salman khan has also promoted this selfie trend in his movie “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”. But truly, this trend has really affected the different regions and cultures of Indian society. Now there is no more Family Photograph but all we have is only a FAMILY SELFIE.
So in my opinion, these regional languages cinemas and different celebs enhance the selfie trend in various Indian regions.
Stay Tuned to LOPSCOOP for more Updates.
Image Concept & Author - Adnan Alam
Image Designed by Vikas Kakkar
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