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Men always get conscious when things come around their looks, but you won’t believe that women can get attracted towards a guy in many ways. If you don’t have good physique, good height, toned or dark skin than no need to worry just read these following instructions and tries to follow these things in your life:
A nice low voice: Women do get attracted towards a soft and nice tone. Always tries to calm down your voice tone in front of any women
Being a good listener: To be a good person you have to be a good listener and the men who listens each word of a women, believe me any women will find that person sexy perfect.
Keep apartment clean: BINGO! If you are a person that use to clean his bed and room daily than MAN you are ultra sexy for many women for sure.
Capable of planning things: If you are well in planning parties, meetings, trip, etc. than surely women will find you more responsible and make you more superior in a crowd for her.
Must have an Accent: No matter how intelligent you are but to attract a girl you have to know about that how to impress her with your accent attitude. When ever you started reciting anything than she only focuses on you and always stare at you.
Being a good Cook: All women only dream about a guy that know how to cook really well. So she loves to be with you if you are a good cook for sure.
Advices really well: Being a good guy always advice her which is good for her, don’t get emotional or judgmental while advices but do give nice and cute advices always.
Not getting MAD: Act sensible in all the conditions; never get over dramatic or over angry at any situation. Always act like a calm and cool person and believe me women will find you sexy after this action of yours.
Know how to maintain decorum with friends and family: Always maintain perfect gap between friends and family of her, never tries to get over smart in front of her old friends or never get over friendly in front of her family. I bet that if she finds you balanced in every aspect than definitely she will finds you hot.
Always put your “lucky Women” Before Yourself: Love her, care her, spend good time with her but never ever DISRESPECT her.
Looks only matter in the very initial period or may be in Teen age time but when it’s come how to attract a women? Than there are lot more things that one woman consider while selecting her soul mate.
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