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I think everyone likes rainy season as I like it very much. It makes me feel slightly cool and happy. After all it comes after a long period of summer season. People, especially farmers, in India worship God “Indra” to rain for the wellness of this season crops.
But what about those human machines that worked from 9am to 6pm, they are not farmers who can enjoy rain while doing work. So there are some tips how to survive this monsoon season if you are not a farmer obviously.
Some basic things with are Mandate to carry:
I know its sounds weird but now a days each one of us having smart phones in our pocket and I can bet over it that not all of them are water resistant. So secure your phone and wallet do carry polythene at least.
Extra pair of Clothes:
If you are an office going guy/girl and mostly travels on your bike or scooty then do carry extra pair of clothes. I know it’s become weird to carry one extra pair but this will definitely help you to sustain at office very calmly and comfortably.
Do carry your cosmetics:
This point is valid to all the women who love to do makeup all the time. See it’s have huge logic behind it. Just think that, if suddenly rain-washes away your whole makeup then how will you going to survive for the whole day? So it’s better to carry cosmetic along with you.
Do meditation to keep yourself calm:
Rainy season is perfect for many people and especially couples but for office going guy/girls it’s like task for them. It just make their shoe dirty, make their clothes dirty and if you are living in Delhi-NCR than traffic will going to kill you and make your temper high and high. So it’s better to do meditation and calm down yourself.
Always ready for many surprises in your life just like the rain while going out for JOB. Be attentive be positive.
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