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Bachelor’s life is considered as one of the toughest life for both men and women. But the difficulties faced by both are far different from each other. There are lots of complications that run differently in their mind especially, when we talk about the BACHELOR’S LIFE, it becomes way difficult to understand the two different mind sets. In the following points, we will be comparing both men and women in different working situations and let’s see what kind of thoughts and feelings will come to your mind after reading this.
Choose which Dress
Believe it or not, women keep selecting their clothes the whole day while men wear what is available for them. Sometimes they wore jeans, which are not even washed for last 1-2 months, and sometimes they also look like an office going beggar.
Thinking over taking a bath?
Women have a lot of cosmetic products like shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, Soap, face wash (till infinity) and for bachelors it’s one of the toughest task to decide whether go to take bath or not and in case if they make up their mood then they don’t use any special product. It’s just the poor common “SOAP”.
Choose which accessories
It becomes difficult for women to choose which scarf, bracelet and bag to carry while men never get crazy about accessories. If men try his best to buy any accessory, that would be a simple wristwatch, that’s it.
Tiffin issue
In case of Tiffin services, men have got a bad luck. First of all, they not find any good, cheap and hygienic Tiffin service nearby and if in case, they hire a maid for lunch who cooks a pathetic food that’ll again be disappointed. But, women again win over here.
Whether to do brush or not
No matter, how women choose her soft bristle brush or any special toothpaste to take care of her teeth and for a cute smile but for office going men time is very precious they only use H2O i.e. water to gargle in the morning, quick and fast as you can see.
Think over shoe
Most of the women mainly select different footwear from her shoe rack, daily but men do not use extra brains to concentrate on making matching. They just grab any footwear, wear it and go out for work.
There are a lot more topics, which can be discussed over here, but the above one’s are those which we encounter in our day-to-day life. You might easily relate to these funny situations.
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Image concept and Author - Adnan Alam
Image Designed by Vikas Kakkar
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