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Keep a bottle of this bar staple on hand for a natural cleaning and disinfection solution. Yes you heard it right. We all know the one basic work of VODKA but their are various uses of vodka. Let just find out some uses of VODKA.
Clean Windows and Fixtures
Time to ditch the chemicals! Banish soap scum and water spots by wiping down fixtures with a cloth soaked in vodka for extra sparkle, and spray the stuff on windows for a streak-free shine.
Deodorize your feet
Soak those smelly puppies in this natural deodorizer for an extra deep clean. You can even spray diluted vodka directly into shoes for an easy, natural refresher.
Remove sticker goo
Peeling off a price tag often leaves an unwanted residue behind. Scrub the gunk with some vodka, then rinse for a smooth surface.
Kill weeds
Looking for a pesticide-free way to treat weeds? Mix vodka with water and a few drops of liquid dish soap in a spray bottle, and spritz directly onto your target.
Get shiny hair
Your hair could use a drink, too! Vodka can help de-frizz hair and make locks extra shiny and healthy, thanks to its low PH. Add an ounce of the spirit to your shampoo bottle to fight oily buildup with each wash.
Soothe toothaches
If you’re plagued by a tooth ache or mouth pain but can’t make it to a dentist right away, try swishing with vodka, a natural antiseptic. Not only does it kill bacteria, but it can also help to numb the area.
So next time if one person carrying a bottle of vodka, don't judge him/her. Enjoy Your weekend to the fullest and do get a bottle of Vodka both for the pleasure and cleaning. You know what sought of pleasure I am talking over here.
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