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For a happy life, we have to face many problems and believe me during a happy life, there are high times when our beloved GUESTS or RELATIVE create many problems to interrupt our smooth routine. There is one self-created irony that “we won’t be able to say anything BAD in front of our guest but all we can do is just make pathetic faces in front of them just to tell them that what actually we are feeling right now”.“Atithi Devo Bhava” – means guests are like God. On this phrase, I have a major query, ‘GOD NEVER ANNOY US’?
Let just Enjoy some funny reactions and situation through meme where guest never act like GOD, for sure. ENJOY: -
Hope you all must have faced this problem. But, never forget! You become a guest for someone too. So, always act sensibly and don’t become a pain in one’s life. Thank you.
SHARE, COMMENT, TAG, especially, to your loving RELATIVES AND GUESTS.
Image designed - Vikas Kakkar
Image Idea and Author - Adnan Alam
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