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On a one fine day in 1973 suddenly, “Sadhu Amar Bharati” raised his hand in the air to honor the Hindu deity, Shiva. Till 1970, Amar Bharti was like a normal person who was married, had kids and had been living his life just like a proper happy family. But in the last months of 1970, he left his luxurious life, even his family, to find the inner peace. Soon after 2-3 years, he declared that he will be going to raise his right arm for a lifetime.
We all know that there is one force which always exerts force and attracts the mass towards it. That force is called the gravitational pull. This man has completely challenged the theory of science and won against the odds i.e. “gravitational pull” by raising his arm in the air for last 44 YEARS.
Apart from the religious aspect, there are many other stories which are connected to this man. For instance, many people have stated that Sadhu Amar Bharti claims that he felt disillusioned by all the fighting which was going on in the world (in 1973), and decided to raise the right arm for peace.
Twisted nails clearly show the pain of Sadhu Amar. Furthermore, doctors have claimed that the right arm of Sadhu Amar Bharti is now a useless piece of skin and bone and will not go to work even if he would try for that.
Now, there are several followers of Sadhu Amar Bharti and they too have started following the practice and ritual of RAISING HAND in air. Extreme religious devotion can be a little shocking to outsiders. Self-inflicted whippings, painful ceremonial piercings, and even self-crucifixion are examples of rituals still practiced by religious devotees today. However, one act of extreme devotion may take the cake for the most bizarre.
Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for more weird stories.
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