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I guess, after God and Parents the most precious thing in one’s life is his/her salary, for sure but, there are various situations that we face while collecting the salary. Let’s assume if Nana Patekar would face the similar problems during salary collection, how he would have reacted to those events in his Filmy dialogue Style. You probably have faced the same situations but never realized how to react. So, keep calm and follow NANA. Let’s have a look on some of his reactions on different situations regarding getting salary.
I am damn sure that each one of office going guy or girl must face this situation but for the next time do remember this masterpiece dialogue of Mr. Nana. :D
Stay cool, stay carefree, stay NANA!
Do learn this perfect dialogue of our extra talented NANA Patekar to tackle our cheapster friends.
Always remember to thank GOD on your first salary, but thanking God in Bollywood style; "It will gonna work dude"
See the innocence in this beautiful dialogue and always use this dialogue in front of your's SO CALLED innocent girlfriend.
Thanks to your HR and Boss in NANA style with this dialogue. Nana you rocks.
This one is very important since the joining of your's in the new office and after getting bonus all the senior colleagues considered you as a "MILEY CIRUS" and all they want is PARTY PARTY AND PARTY. So use this cute dialogue of Nana in front of them.
Hope you all will get some of the tricks how to handle salary deductions, late salaries, etc. Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for funny updates.BE angry BE rude BE NANA PATEKAR.
Image Concept and Author - Adnan Alam
Image Designed by Vikas Kakkar
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