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You are old enough to vote and drink beer but when it comes to taking important decisions You SUCK!
“Please grow up” if that one line sums up your life, then welcome to this wonderful world! You are now old enough to get married, have kids and even drink your goddam beer. Heck! you're probably even making your own money now. You have started taking a lot of life changing decisions, but your cheery soul isn't quite sitting well with your grown-up body. Deep down, you know that you're still a teen at heart.
If you still doubt on this scenario, here’s the checklist- if you nod at even one of the signs below then know that you are a child trapped in a grown-up body. Let’s get the game started-
1. You jump 5 feet high in the air as you see some desserts coming!
2. All the bubble wraps end up in your hands!
3. You may visit malls and supermarkets, like an adult but your fav aisle is chips and candies section.
4. When toilet jokes make everyone sick, you still manage a good laugh on it!
5. You still need little coaxing for finishing your meals.
6. Disney movies and donuts are your most loved Sunday morning regime.
7. Hear the word ICECREAM? You’re THERE
8. Your money saving habits still sucks
9. You feel proud of your collection of dolls and fancy little cars.
10. The word FREE cheers you up like nothing in the world!
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